October 13, 2015

Betrayal of the Public Trust – Part I

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During 2010 many of us experienced an emotionally wild roller coaster ride of political and environmental issues all of which struck at the very heart of our daily lives. We watched in horror as the BP (British Petroleum) Deep Water Horizon poured millions of barrels of raw crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico devastating not only the shorelines of coastal states but all of the environments of land and sea as well. Despite this terrible man made catastrophe we reveled in the promises made by our government to make enormous strides in making renewable energy sources the standard nationwide and thereby moving away from carbon based fuels. We were given a brief respite when the fear mongering Patriot Act finally expired only to have it extended again and now the GOP is attacking our working middle class as well as the promises of a clean energy future.

In case anyone has forgotten, the GOP representatives all ran on a campaign of job creation which was something the renewable energy sector already had well in hand having created more jobs during 2010 than both the Democratic administration and GOP representatives combined. Now it would appear that the lunatics are now running the asylum as monied oil tycoons and their corporately controlled political puppets are actually trying to convince us that these same oil companies could leave the US unless they are

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SnakeOil Salesman

granted insane tax breaks they neither deserve or would help the US out of its current economic crisis. The Koch brothers are pouring millions of dollars into making sure that they receive this same preferential treatment through their front group Americans for Prosperity and a large number of think tank groups who are conspiring all of the many ways they can avoid paying their fair share of our nations tax burden while forcing the GOP into outright lying to their constituents who voted them into their offices. All of this while their political puppets like Rep. Joe Barton attempt to convince us that these big oil companies need our tax dollars to survive. Let us do a bit of drilling down on this premise to see just how desperate they really are. Last year Exxon/Mobil made a profit of more than $9 Billion dollars and yet instead of actually paying any taxes on that profit they received a tax refund of approximately $128 Million dollars!


Jobs Jobs Jobs

Every time our nation has made any major shift from one technology to another millions of jobs were created! We switched from the horse and buggy to automobiles, from telegraph to telephones, from every form of communications to major use of the internet and so on and in each instance job creation was at the forefront in a major way. It has been predicted that this same thing will happen with the emergence of renewable energy systems and in 2010 it was proven to be true with the creation of more than 68,000 jobs despite its poor funding by entrepreneurs starting their own companies in this industry. An estimated 37 Million jobs now stand prepared in the wings ready to take the stage and flood our country with new productivity and in so doing move our country into a far more positive direction in terms of environmental friendliness and prosperity for American workers. Technologies in Wind and Solar energies have been continually advancing and despite what you may have heard about their abilities to take over major percentages of provided power to our national grids at some far off period in time we could do this much sooner if only this political garbage that is being made to block our path by people like the Koch brothers were swept away. Tearing apart the middle class so that they can pollute our world even more is most certainly not the answer or direction we expect from our government and it is high time we demand a separation of corporation & state so that we can once again reclaim our free markets.

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