August 27, 2015

GOP Anti-Sustainable Energy Rhetoric

Over the years I have seen as many have a growing interest in seeing our country get away from carbon based fuels or at the very least limiting their use. The reasons behind this move are quite obvious given that renewable or sustainable energy sources quite frankly do not pollute our air, water or land with toxic chemicals. The energy is free for the taking providing that you have the equipment suitable for taking advantage of it. Making these moves has also forced many people to rethink just how much energy they are literally wasting and have made vast strides in becoming far more energy efficient than at any other time in our nations history.

Today however, I witnessed what I believe is the greatest dis-service that I have ever seen from the far right when I hear the echoes of political rhetoric being directed at the renewable energy companies at large nationwide. Whether you decide to make the move to renewable energy for any one of a dozen different reasons the bottom line is that you chose to do so for you, your family or cutting costs that kill your companies bottom line! Not for any theory regarding global warming or even climate change, not because you were some how brain washed into thinking the world would end if you didn’t. Now it seems the GOP and Tea Parties, along with several of their followers have decided they want to target the renewable energy industry in Wisconsin as well as several other states.

They do not care that these systems and energy sources are literally creating the jobs they themselves have refused to address in congress while at the same time reducing our dependence on oil. They are armed with misnomers, bad science, and the rhetoric that was all too common when global warming was an actual topic on every news media outlet more than a year ago. Of course this was before we found out that the alleged stolen emails from the science community who were reporting on the effects of global warming were revealed to be in and of themselves a sham. This was also before every single opponent to the idea of global warming or climate change decided to recant their condemnations publically. State governors such as Scott Walker of Wisconsin are literally killing jobs by creating their own rules for how and where wind turbine farms can be built and by killing 13,000 jobs that were to be created by a new electric high speed rail system stating that it is too costly to accept the $300 Million dollar grant that was to pay for it and now has been divided up to other state projects elsewhere in the country.

All of this of course is mute now except for the fact that their primary argument today is that by utilizing renewable energy systems and the government incentives that help homeowners and businesses get these systems are in some way to be viewed as charity. Where do they come up with these one liners? They must most certainly be referring to the tens of billions of dollars that are given to big oil in the form of subsidies which totaled more than $53 Billion dollars last year alone. All this money for an industry that has been a mature business for nearly 100 years, and solely responsible for hundreds of billions of dollars in damages to our Eco-systems, our lives and the things that matter most to middle class America who happens to be the real majority. Meanwhile, it is these entrepreneurs in the renewable energy industries who are paving the way to our nations future and the future job growth that will be the only emerging market which pulls this country out of debt and despair. There is a very serious disconnect between what can be done and what must be done in order for the US to regain its former position in the world marketplace and all of this rhetoric from the right is not going to get us there!

Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat its mistakes! Are we really going to let this happen again?

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