August 29, 2015

Photovoltaic Solar Facts You Need To Know

By now nearly everyone can tell you what a photovoltaic solar panel is but when it comes to all the details relating to kilowatt sizing, or the area which these panels will cover on a roof that is when questions arise. The versatility that solar electric panels bring offers a wide range of possibilities for solar designers which allows them to create configurations that can cover virtually any surface area. Ultimately the design of any particular solar configuration is more of a balance between the power requirements needed in any given installation and the aesthetic appearance desired for your home or business structures.

Photovoltaic solar panels come in a wide array of wattage sizes that is ever increasing as their technologies are advanced by solar manufacturers and the same is true for the dimensions they are available in as well. The “A” typical image most people think of when it comes to the actual shape of a solar panel is rectangular when the fact of the matter is that they can be created in practically any geometrical shape adding to their versatility. High quality renewable energy distributors know this and employ all of these variables in their designs in order to provide not only the correct power output required, but also a design that is as pleasing to the eye as possible in every photovoltaic solar matrix they design for their clients. These are also very good reasons why the Do-It-Yourselfer’s (DIY) are better off leaving solar design to the professionals that are certified and very capable of creating systems which encompass all of these factors.

One of the most repetitive questions asked is, “How many panels do I need for an “X”kw solar panel system”? The second most repetitive question asked is, “How much roof area will an “X”kw solar panel system cover”? Given that photovoltaic solar panels are manufactured in many wattage values the best way to approach this is using basic addition. Suppose you want to design a 2kw solar matrix for your home and you have chosen a 175watt panel with a width of 808mm (or 2.6509 feet) and length of 1580mm (or 5.1837 feet). Given that you are targeting 2kw as your matrix size it will take 12 of these solar panels to equal 2.1kw, and 12 of these solar panels will cover an area of approximately 165 square feet.

If your only concern is to achieve the power output of a 2kw photovoltaic solar panel system then using the standard rectangular panel will suffice and you simply need to decide what style of racking to mount them too in order to achieve the optimum amount of sunlight. However, if aesthetics is a major concern then I would strongly recommend consulting with a NABCEP certified solar installer who can design this system with this in mind. *Note: Utilizing photovoltaic solar panels other than that of a standard rectangular or square dimensional configuration will come at an increased expense per panel as these must be custom made per your requirements.

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