July 30, 2015

Water Pumps – A Renewable Twist On An Old Technology

Most baby boomers can remember the days when hand pumped water was a way of life in many rural locations around the country and nearly all of us have seen images of the old fashioned wind mills used for pumping water out of the ground. Now considered as an antiquated water delivery system for water wells this technology has not strayed too far from its roots. What has changed in many places around the world is the availability of clean ground water sources that haven’t yet been contaminated by industry or completely lost due to severe droughts brought on by the ever increasing effects of climate change.

Today’s water pumping systems are generally electrically powered rather than being mechanically driven and as we have seen in so many new products, systems and devices, if it requires electricity we can power it utilizing solar and wind energies. Regardless of geographic location these systems deliver well water where and when needed without adding any costs for them to operate on a daily basis unlike conventionally powered water pumping systems that require grid provided power. Many agricultural farms and ranches now use solar powered water pumping systems for irrigation and supplying water to livestock in locations that were previously impossible to do so. Countries such as Africa where tens of thousands of people once suffered terribly due to lack of clean water sources and the illnesses brought on by this missing resource. Arid locations once barren of any form of agriculture have become lush fields of produce that spur economic security as well as healthier lives of their populations who benefit from the introduction of this life giving resource.

Having been manufactured in a great many models and capacity sizes these water pumping systems can be easily configured and implemented to suit virtually any need or location. Their few moving parts make them easy to maintained year after year and by simply adding a basic canister filtration system are suitable for any residential use. These water pumping systems are still being powered by the wind as well with the only exception being that the wind now generates electricity rather than the kinetic energy used in the mechanical pumping systems of old. A few simple answers regarding your wells location, depth and water volume needed are all that is required in determining what equipment is needed and for far less than you would pay a water company in a year you can supply all the water needs of an entire village.

Is it any wonder why so many of the world’s charitable organizations are now seeking out this very technology to bring health, security and food to the unfortunate poor of many third world nations. Where there is water there too is life and the solutions now available can enable man to create and sustain life where previously there was none. We here at Global Team Direct would like urge all of our diligent readers to consider making a donation to The Water Project by sponsoring a well to bring these systems to regions where they are needed most and make a positive impact in the lives of those who they benefit.

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