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5kw Grid Tied Solar Panel Systems

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5kwGlobal Team Direct Solar offers this Grid-Tie 5kw solar panel kit which is the perfect choice for those who wish to lower their current electric utility bills significantly. Our Sun-Earth Monocrystalline solar panels have already proven themselves in some of the earths most intense weather conditions and locations and have been used in some of Europes largest solar power plants. With the industry's best energy efficiency percentages this 5kw grid-tie solar panel system will power your home for many years with minimal maintenance required. For a detailed listing of this systems specifications please visit our "Documents" section of this web site (requires membership).

Looking for just solar modules? We will beat ANY written quote!


Through net metering you will be able to build up daily credits with your local utility during the daylight hours and then use those some of those credits at night. Depending on your electrical usage and your state utility regulations your electric utility could be paying you for those additional credits your 5kw grid tied solar panel system generated. When was the last time your electric utility paid you? This solar panel package also comes with a power factor conditioning unit which has already been proven to eliminate the electrical energy waste inherent in your electrical distribution panel and has been endorsed by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Global Team Direct Solar is proud to offer the TOP of the line solar panels manufactured by Ningbo. Our Sun-Earth solar panels are far more powerful in their solar energy generation which allows you to take up far less of your valuable roof line real estate. They have also been labeled as the most esthetically pleasing solar panels in the industry by customers just like you from everywhere on the planet. Accept NO alternatives and demand only the very best in your solar panel systems for your home or business today and choose Sun-Earth solar panel systems. Every 5kw grid-tie solar panel kits comes complete with the flush mount roof racking system, 30 TDB125X125-72-P 175W photovoltaic panels (UL Listed and CEC Listed), 1 PVPowered 4800W high efficiency Inverter and 1 PS1200 Conditioning unit and is backed by their individual manufacturers warranties.

These photovoltaic solar panels can help you lower and possibly eliminate your electric bills! Some customers using our grid tied solar panel systems are being paid by their local electric utility for the extra energy their grid-tie solar panel systems are putting back onto the grid through net metering. When was the last time you received a check from your local utility company? We have a wide variety of solar panel system packages that can be built to suit any situation.


Sun-Earth Solar Panel Modules - 25 year warranty

PV Powered 4800 DC Inverter - 10 year warranty

PS1200 - 5 year warranty

(Installation NOT included)

Order Yours Today!

or view our extensive selection of Ready Install Solar Kits

Complete Ready Install Battery Backup Systems are also available but we strongly recommend contacting us in order to ensure the system you purchase is sized correctly for the solar panel system you have in mind!

Don't forget about those Federal, State and State/Utility rebate incentives being offered that could make this solar panel system completely FREE depending on what state you are residing in. Check your states available Federal, State and State Utility incentives here.

Global Team Direct offers a complete compliment of services to include energy efficiency consultants, solar site assessors, certified solar installation, and after sale services to aid you in determining the size and configuration of the grid tied solar solution for your building(s). We have partnered with solar professionals coast to coast which enables us to provide you with fast and professional service when you need it, where you need it. Typically, a solar panel service contract is necessary for services we offer after your system has been installed and you can learn more about this by contacting our Contractor Services Manager to discuss these options to keep your solar panel system maintained on a regular basis.

5kw grid-tie solar panel systems can also use battery backup systems for emergency power when you really need it! The solar panels work by producing DC power during sunlight hours and converting it to AC power through an inverter. The inverter then feeds the load required by the home, before pushing the remaining AC power through a "net meter" out to the grid.

Net meters are provided by your utility company when you install the system. The net meter is a bi-directional electric meter that spins forward as usual when you are using more power in your home than you are producing with your solar panels (at night, for instance), and spins BACKWARD when you are producing more electricity than you are using in your home. This is how you generate credits with your utility!

Learn what your hours of sunlight are in your part of the world here...

Visit our Contractor Services pages to learn more about ordering and system installation services we offer.

FYI' - Did you know that by installing your solar panel matrix on a pole mounted dual-axis solar tracker you can increase your solar power output by 15%?

We have a great selection of Plug-n-Play Solar Tracking Systems for your home or business solar solutions!

Contact us for more information on these or any of our robust renewable energy systems.

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